About Us

Throughout life, watches have been a great interest of mine. I have always been super fascinated by the technical aspect of the clock as well as the many design aspects. My second watch ever was a vintage mechanical Longines, whenever I wear it, it has to be winded up. Over the past few years, I have found the industry to be quite linear, dominated by preppy and luxurious looks. Yes, watches have always been a measure of wealth, but that today feels extremely outdated. The vision of Nagon is to create a more inclusive brand, less confined by specific styles and social groups – we want to see your style and hopefully be part of it. Our aim was to create a classic watch, with a contemporary feeling, of great quality at a decent price – I feel like we have created just that. Over these two years that is has taken to complete our first design, I have had much help from a co-creator, my sister – thank you!

We hope you’ll follow our journey in creating a brand that feels inspiring and less restricted by labels and the industry. It is not about you joining us – we would like to join you!

We’re happy that you serendipitously found your way here.
Thanks for taking your time.

Jacob Signatur Mathilda Signatur
Founder l CEO
Co-creator l CCO
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